Travel insurance online in 2 minutes!

You can apply for any type of insurance (including for outdoor activities and sports, cars, health, etc.) without a deductible or with an increased level of payments by contacting our managers!

Our advantages:

• price from 7 hryvnia per day
• reliability guarantees from HannoverRe
• support BaltAssistance 24/7/365
• execution of the contract in 2 minutes
• payment by card on the site
• instant e-mail policy
• the policy does not need to be printed
• three variants of program!

Thousands of Ukrainians travel with us!

How does TRAVEL work?

  • Call to Assistance.
  • Registration of an event by a company employee.
  • Selection of a clinic and a doctor near the location of the insured tourist.
  • The tourist receives treatment in accordance with the selected program.
  • Your insurance covers all expenses according to the purchased program.

How to buy a program?

Step 1. Choose one of three programs
Step 2. Pay
Step 3. Get the contract by e-mail / in the office / by courier

What are the guarantees of payments?

  • All TRAVEL insurance contracts are executed in the Oberig insurance group and are automatically reinsured with the world’s leading reinsurer HannoverRe.
  • HannoverRe is one of the three largest reinsurance companies in the world in terms of premiums of 17 billion euros.
  • The company has a network of offices on all five continents, the company has 2900 employees. International agencies have noted HannoverRe’s resilience with high reliability ratings.
  • The reinsurer has been operating in the market for more than 50 years, its headquarters are in Germany, the city of Hanover.

Who will serve?

In order to provide a high level of service for our customers abroad, since 2016 we have been cooperating with a leading global company, BaltAsistance assists.

The Assistance Network is more than 25,000 medical service providers in the world, Assistance has a powerful contact center and well-established procedures for the settlement of appeals from insured persons.

What else is important?

Our medical travel insurance policy for travel abroad (outside Ukraine) is suitable for traveling to any country!

An insurance policy for travelers abroad can be submitted in a package of documents for obtaining any type of visa. Insurance group “Charm” is accredited in all countries of the Schengen agreement.

Given the popularity of visa-free travel among our citizens, it is important to remember that any medical service abroad will be paid if you do not have a policy.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Going on a trip, we always try to foresee and plan everything, regardless of whether it is a trip with the family on vacation, or a business trip. A health insurance policy for traveling abroad, which is often called simply “travel”, is the key to your peace of mind and financial protection, wherever you are. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the importance of travel insurance, and its mechanism of action. Therefore, many decide simply to buy a policy for those leaving the embassy walls only for a visa or along with a vacation ticket, without even thinking about why this is necessary. And as a result, medical care abroad is not provided in full, and is very expensive. As a result, the insurance company receives negative reviews without even knowing about it.

How to avoid material losses and provide medical protection abroad?

To get full assistance, you should consciously approach the purchase of insurance for tourists, and familiarize yourself with its conditions before the trip. Travel insurance is needed primarily for you, and not just for a Schengen visa and filing at the embassy. In case of urgent need, the assisting company can organize for you very high-quality medical care in the territory of any state in a very short time. Therefore, travel insurance for any trip is necessary in the same way as a passport. This is especially important for those who go in for sports during the trip and plan active recreation associated with the risks of injuries. One of the most common is skiing, which our citizens love so much and enjoy visiting all the popular ski resorts that Europe beckons. Particular attention should be paid to young children, for whom any departure is a risk. Children need travel insurance the most. With a travel insurance policy, little travelers can quickly get medical attention even because of the smallest cause of poor health.

How to conclude an agreement and choose insurance conditions?

In order to buy travel insurance, you must contact the insurance company in any way convenient for you. Leave a request on the site, personally go to any office of the company, or buy a policy online in 5 minutes. If for submission to the embassy it is necessary to provide the original contract with a wet seal, order the delivery of the policy to your home or office. Travel insurance conditions are mostly standard. To conclude a contract you need to prepare answers to the following questions:

  • Your name and age;
  • The countries of the region you plan to visit – only Europe or around the world;
  • Period of stay;
  • The purpose of the trip (tourism, business or amateur sports).

The price of the policy and its conditions depend on your answers, which you can familiarize yourself with previously on the site and, if necessary, ask a question to the consultant. Please note that online you can conclude a contract only for travelers up to 65 years old.

What to do if an insured event occurs?

If an insured event has occurred, first of all you need not to worry and take a medical insurance policy. On the first page you will see the number of a 24-hour assistance company. Call, and assistance will quickly and efficiently organize emergency medical care without your financial participation, wherever you are. You just need to follow the algorithm of actions indicated by the assistant, and then no inconvenience with payments or getting help will arise.